Urushi Gyuto Hocho Japan Traditional Hocho Knife

Urushi Gyuto Hocho Japan Traditional Hocho Knife

Name: Urushi Hocho (Japanese traditional knife)
Material: Chromium molybdenum steel (a.k.a. Chromoly) is a high carbon steel known for its hardness and durability. It is used for automobile and airplane parts as well.

-Ideal gift items for all! All Hocho knife will be packaged in a black gift box.
-Finished with Urushi lacquer on famous Sugimoto Hocho
-Each Urushi-Hocho is hand-crafted in Japan
-Every piece is unique
-Sugimoto Hocho Japan is a topnotch master class knife manufacturer. Sugimoto is well-known as the preferred knife used by the majority of restaurant chefs in Tokyo!
-13.8 x 2 x 0.8 inches ; 12.3 ounces
-Aka-Kuro Urushi (Black/Red)
-Karanuri Finish with Mother-of-Pearl Flecks (With Red Freckles)
-Monsha Finish with Mother-of-Pearl Flecks (With Beige Freckles)
  • Info

    Urushi Hocho is a culinary masterpiece – a combination of a fine chef’s blade with ancient Japanese traditional lacquerware.

    Japanese lacquerware has been prized since ancient times. Our artisans have combined this beautiful art form with a high quality chromium molybdenum steel blade to create unique knives suitable for both professional and home chefs. 

    Our wood handles are finished with fine gold or silver powders, gold leaf, or mother-of-pearl flecks under layers of Urushi lacquer, taking up to six weeks to complete. Combined with rust-proof, chromium molybdenum steel blades, these beautiful chef’s knives are presented in a gorgeous black gift box.

    *Urushi lacquer is derived from the sap of the ancient Urushi tree. For more than 9000 years it has been used to create a varnish for dishware, utensils, furniture, and art. Urushi is food-safe and does not deteriorate with age. It is resistant to a variety of alkaline substances, alcohol, acids, water, and heat. The Urushi lacquerware technique is a treasured and highly respected ancient Japanese lacquering art form.

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