Translucent Colored Urushi from Japan -100grams

This is a transparent colored Urushi which allows you to clearly see the objects/texts on the other side. Often used for final coating of Urushi lacquerwares.

- Standard Translucent Urushi (See Low Allergenic Urushi for the same Urushi)

-Please choose Glossy or Matte Finish

-100g (Best if used within 1 year from the purchase date)

**No microwave and dishwashing machines for lacquerwares please.

*Actual Urushi colors may vary from the image.
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    It is possible to apply liquid Urushi lacquer to almost any surface, including ceramic, metal, wood and bamboo. Once hardened it provides a very hard, waterproof layer of protection against mildew, mold, and the effects of weathering. It has even proven to provide protection against substances such as acid that can be quite caustic to most surfaces.


    - Translucent Colored Glossy Urushi


     This is a standard Urushi without non-allergenic treatment. 

    -100 grams  (Best if used within 1 year from the purchase date)

    Caution: *Though Urushi contains a compound that can cause a reaction similar to poison ivy, proper handling (gloves and long-sleeve shirt), and working in a well-ventilated area will often prevent an allergic reaction. Urushi is a natural material and does not contain toxic chemical additives!**No microwave and dishwashing machines for lacquer-wares please.

    Disclaimer: Urushi should be used at your own risk. Mejiro Co. cannot be held responsible for any allergic reactions or medical expenses caused by Urushi or Urushi related products.

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