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Food Safe Kintsugi Repair Kit with 0.3g Real Silver, Low Allergenic Urushi

Food Safe Kintsugi Repair Kit with 0.3g Real Silver, Low Allergenic Urushi

SKU: A0353
$95.00 Regular Price
$88.00Sale Price

:::This kit comes with low allergenic Urushi lacquers:::

The Centuries-Old Japanese Tradition of Mending Broken Ceramics with GoldKintsugi repair is a form of Japanese art, not just a DIY repair method. It has a long history which was practiced by our ancestors from the Edo Era (years: 1603-1868).

Meet the beautiful Japanese Art that helps you repair the broken objects and overcome sadness

Ceramics and pottery are fragile, strong and beautiful all at once, just like people.

During this whole process of Kintsugi Therapy, you learn to become more patient with YOUR SELF, as if you learn how to handle a broken pot, offering the necessary time to mend and repair itself. At the same time, you learn to rebuild yourself and repair your life step by step.

**You can repair 10 to 20 of broken potteries with 1 Kintsugi Repair Kit!


Caution: Urushi Lacquer is made from tree sap and it has been used for 9,000 years by Japanese lacquer masters as a glue, putty, or paint. Although Urushi contains a compound that can cause a reaction similar to poison ivy, proper handling (gloves and long-sleeved shirt), and working in a well-ventilated area will generally prevent an allergic reaction. Mejiro Co. will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to Urushi Lacquer.


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Disclaimer: Urushi should be used at your own risk. Mejiro Co. cannot be held responsible for any allergic reactions or medical expenses caused by Urushi or Urushi related products.

  • If You Can Break It, We Can Fix It!

    This is low allergenic Urushi. Exactly the same repair procedure & finish as the standard urushi.

    The risk of an allergic reaction is extremely low due to the addition of a special protein substance that coats the Urushi and safeguards it from skin exposure.  

    (Please also check out our normal Urushi listing.)

    NOTE: We regret that the TURPENTINE OIL included in our Kintsugi Repair Kit is now prohibited from export from Japan therefore we cannot ship abroad. The good news is that it is usually available at your local art supply/hardware store. 

    *Urushi lacquer is heatproof up to 100 to 120 Celsius. 
    *Kit items are FIXED.

  • Contents

    Low Allergenic Japanese Urushi x2 types (Raw15 grams/Neri Bengara  Red 15 grams), Paint Brush, Powder Removal Brush, Japanese Masking Tape, Alternative Gold 10g x1, Natural Pearl Gold 10g x1, 0.3g Real Silver<Matte>, Plastic Spatula, Bamboo Spatulas, Pure Silk Cotton Ball, Small Plate, Rubber Gloves (Medium size), Tonoko Powder, Water Resistant Sand Paper, Easy Mandarin Manual

  • Disclaimer

    We cannot be responsible or liable for any damage, injury or health problems that may result or arise from your use of urushi related products and any information obtained from us. Please use at your own risk.

Note: Additional import tax & VAT are the buyer's responsibility.

Please contact DHL near you on buyer's local Import taxes & VAT rates.

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