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Professional Fine Urushi Brush: Handmade in Japan Hontoshi

Professional Fine Urushi Brush: Handmade in Japan Hontoshi



5 different sizes available. <See Medium size for a different listing>


#1-bu: FINEST
Brush width: 3mm/0.118 inch, Handle: 170 mm/6.69 inch, Material: Never-been-dyed human hair
Brush width: 6mm/0.23 inch /  Handle: 170 mm/6.69 inch/ Material: Never-been-dyed human hair


Be sure to wash the brush thoroughly with cooking oil then leaving a bit of oil, such as seed oil, will help for the next use!


  • What is special about hontoshi urushi brush??

    Also called "hon toshi brush" in Japanese which means the bristles are hidden in the wooden plates all the way to the end, just like a pencil core.
    After the bristles are worn out, you cut off the tip with a knife and new bristles will appear!
    You can also adjust the length of the brush however you like. One brush can be the same value as 7 or more brushes!
    What is special about this brush is materials are never-been-dyed human hair only. Why human hair?
    A. Soft and delicate B. It has to be 18cm (7 inch) long for this purpose
    The only alternative to human hair is horse's tail hair which is unsuitable because it leaves brush marks.
    Urushi brush was developed in the Edo era (Year 1603 onwards) and is still loved by modern painters!

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