Natural Pearl Gold Powder for Kintsugi Repair and Makie 50g from Japan

Natural Pearl Gold Powder for Kintsugi Repair and Makie 50g from Japan

SKU: UM0410-L

Unlike other powders that are coarse, discolor easily, and don’t last, our natural pearl powders are delicate, high gloss and the finest available on the market today. 

For a glossy finish, move your brush in one direction only when applying this on your design. 

If you move your brush in different directions (for instance back and forth), it'll ruin the gloss.


Made in Japan.

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    Urushiware LOOKS hot, but you'll never find your mug too hot to handle! That means no more burning your lips on a hot ceramic mug when all you really want is a sip of your hot tea! It also means your cold drink stays cold on a hot summer day without having to water it down with ice cubes.

    Thanks to the low thermal conductivity properties of wooden Urushi dinnerware, food and beverages will keep their original temperature much longer. Hot stays hot and cold stays cold! But unlike ceramic, stainless steel, or aluminum, you won't burn your lips on a wooden spoon, fork, or mug, making Urushiware ideal for young children and for seniors. Lacquered-wood utensils are easy on the lips!

    Our classic Urushiware with its contemporary design is perfect for everyday use.

    Urushiware is extremely durable and almost weightless, making it ideal as a daily utensil for all ages!

    *Urushi lacquer comes from the sap of a tree called Urushi which is a 100% natural finish and contains no chemical additives.
    **No microwave and dishwashing machines please.
    ***This item does NOT come with a box.

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