High-Quality Genuine Gold Powder for Kintsugi

SKU: UM0308

This is the most widely used genuine gold powder by Japanese professional artisans and authenticity-oriented craftsmen.


Made in Japan, Non-edible

  • Contents:

  • Contents:

    1 gram (0.00325 oz), 22.7k

    Gold 97%/Other Silver and Copper
    The package cover in the image "Special Pure Gold Powder: 1 gram, For Urushi lacquerware and paintings.

    DID YOU KNOW...?
    Similar to calcium and iron, gold is a mineral that is safe to eat, though it is not a crucial part of our diet.

    Thus gold is an approved food and all-natural mineral that is non-toxic and exhibits no interactions with other drugs, and is easily tolerated by the body!

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