Fuki Urushi DIY KIt, Suri Urushi Lacquer Kit from Japan, A0344


A beautifully lacquered object is simply captivating!

This Fuki Urushi DIY Kit comes with everything you need to do your own beautiful lacquering. The Fuki urushi lacquering technique works to highlight the natural beauty of woodgrain. In fact, Urushi is one of the most durable natural lacquers known to man and has long been used in Japan. Urushi lacquered ornaments and objects have been discovered in Japan dating from the Jomon period, which was roughly 9,000 years ago. The fact that this technique is still in use today is a true testament to its beauty.


-Pure Seshime Urushi Lacquer (light brown) 50g: Either STANDARD OR LOW ALLERGENIC URUSHI
-Flat Brush
-Plain Chopsticks (Pair) - 22cm
-Plain Plate  -15x15cm
-Sandpaper x 2
-Rubber Gloves
-Fuki Urushi Wipers

*Comes with easy-to-read English instruction
*Please refrain from using microwave and dishwashing machines for Urushi lacquered objects.

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Option 2

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