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Alternative Gold Powder for Kintsugi Repair 10g

Alternative Gold Powder for Kintsugi Repair 10g

SKU: UM0307

Unlike other powders that are coarse, discolor easily, and don’t last, our aluminum metallic powders are delicate, high gloss and the finest available on the market today.

For a glossy finish, move your brush in one direction only when applying this on your design. If you move your brush in different directions (for instance back and forth), it'll ruin the gloss.

-Approved material for food containers and packaging which is less toxic than other metallic powders. However, NON-FOOD-SAFE.
-Most commonly used color for Buddhist altar articles.
-Made in Japan

  • Contents:

    10g (=0.375 oz) Made of aluminum and titanium. Non-edible.

Note: Additional import tax & VAT are the buyer's responsibility.

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